November 23, 2020
signature marketing styles for the beauty industry

The Four Signature Marketing Styles in the Beauty Industry

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What your Personality says about your Signature Marketing Style


Don’t we wish that marketing had a ‘one size fits all’ magic wand that you would wave around until all of your spa marketing was perfect?


Ugh. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way, and you look around to realize that the only business fairy godmother you have is yourself (and your beauty funnel framework, of course.) 


The reality is that marketing is different for each person, and should be different for each person.


Marketing should be an extension of your business and an authentic showcase of your business’s inner ideals and personality. There are different marketing styles for different types of beauty entrepreneurs. 


You may find that what marketing works for your work friend may leave you hearing crickets. It may leave you in a state of panic, why is it that marketing works for everyone else, but not for you? That’s because you have different signature marketing styles. You may even be a combination of two of these styles. 


So what’s your ideal marketing strategy? To figure it out, you must first identify what signature marketing style you are.

This is the very first step in understanding your business persona and playing your marketing to your individual strengths. 


The type of signature marketing style you have will determine many different factors in your business, so here is a breakdown of the types. 


The Explorer - What is your signature marketing stlye in the beauty industry

The Explorer


The explorer is a true individualist! Explorer’s are all about staying authentic to themselves throughout their entire business journey.

Everyone knows you as a bold personality who stays true to themselves. 


Explorers have a true sense of self-identity; you love showcasing your creativity, being consistent, unconventional thought processes, and brainstorming on a new way to do a project or task that helps others.

You have the ability to envision the future and you recognize new opportunities that others without a similar mindset would have ever seen coming.


You are spontaneous and truly passionate about the beauty industry but struggle with the feeling that you may be cornering yourself into one certain area of the industry. 


A key strategy for an explorer is to get a solid game plan! It’s so fun to experiment, but sometimes it can be at the cost of organization. Get aside some time to create structure in your marketing plan.

By creating clarity in your business, you will have a higher chance to grow your business into other aspects of the industry and increase your ability to offer different services when you are ready.



The Sage


The sage is an intellectual powerhouse!

You think through every decision of your business and are a true go-getter at heart. 


You are a true student (and teacher) and support every endeavor to learn something new.


You are articulate and open-minded and efficient at establishing yourself as an authority in your specific industry.

The Sage - What is your signature marketing stlye in the beauty industry

You are often confused with the planner marketing style, but more often you are tackling large business projects and researching every fine detail along the way!


A key strategy to the sage marketing style is to be a mentor to your clients. People are naturally inclined to learn from you because they see you as a teacher. By keeping your message factual and research-based, you can help motivate others to dig deeper within themselves. This will benefit you most in your online and social media presence.



The Muse - What is your signature marketing stlye in the beauty industry

The Muse


The muse is all about passion and personability!

Muses enjoy showcasing their creativity, expressive and emotional thinking.


People tend to view you as their confidant because you are truly loyal to others and excel at anticipating other people’s true feelings and needs.


You are a natural conversationalist and are efficient at building relationships with clients and employees alike.

You’re an emphatic entrepreneur who makes sure that your people feel supported and heard, and you’re always welcoming feedback, whether good or bad. 


A key marketing strategy for the muse style is to take some time to create habits for yourself that focus on incentives, accountability, and community. Trello is a fun way to create organization in your marketing while keeping a creative layout so that you can express your ideas.



The Planner


The planner is all about smashing all of their goals! Planners enjoy practicality and organization, and expect everyone around them to understand their intentions and expectations.


Anyone who knows you knows that you like to play by the rules, but love to make the rules you are playing by.


You are the ultimate organizer and excel at creating action behind your dreams and goals through carefully thought out plans.

The Planner - What is your signature marketing stlye in the beauty industry

You don’t enjoy any deviation from your goals or plans and when uncertainty strikes in your business, you combat it with more strategy.


A key marketing strategy for planners is to play into the transformational aspect of your business due to your nature to constantly evolve. Sell the transformation as opposed to the service and start catering to the benefits of your service, instead of the features.



So, which one do you think you are? Once you know, you can play into your strengths, and add some tools to support the areas you prefer to ignore!


Check out this video that goes into even more depth on the four different marketing styles.


What’s Your Signature Marketing Style?

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