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Making Your Marketing Strategy More Memorable

Marketing without meaning is so 2000's. Clients want to be connected to their brands more than ever. Starting (or scaling) a business without a marketing blueprint is a lot like cooking pasta without a pot. A bit messy and probably won't turn out as good as you hoped. Gathering the essentials before tuning the fine details is the key to memorable marketing.

Create a plan of action for your business that is designed to stay relevant as your business continues to grow throughout the years

Ensure you’re targeting the right people, and showing up in the right places in ways that appeals the most to them.

Help define clear, realistic and measurable marketing objectives for your business in correlation with your overall business goals. 

Let's cut to the chase - what can get done in one session?

What can you expect to accomplish in a marketing strategy session with Faith?

What'cha waiting for? Let's get started!

Did I just peak your interest?

A full recording of our call, all strategy resources, a 30-day business implementation guide, and all other notes delivered to you via Google Drive



I independently dive in to all we discussed and create a customized strategy guide, marketing segment sheet, and various other strategy resources




A 90-minute live session where we work one-on-one auditing your current strategy, teaching strategy elements, and matching your goals to a new streamlined strategy


In just 3 short hours, you'll have a full marketing strategy created & ready to implement in your business

The secret is our simple 3 step system

You need a clear framework for your marketing & need an outsiders view of how to market your services 

Your business is new or growing & you feel totally overwhelmed

You can't reach your ideal clients no matter how hard you try

Your current marketing is inconsistent & Scattered 

Is this program for ME?

you might be wondering...


2 Payments of


one time payment

*NOTE: this service cannot be used for logo/brand creation 


The Memorable Marketing Strategy Sprint is a hybrid package that included both strategy recommendations (aka coaching) and implementation assets (aka full-service.) You get a bit of both worlds! We sit down for 90-minutes to thoroughly go over your current branding, business goals, and what needs to change. I then spend another 90-minutes independently creating brand strategy assets and resources to fully shape your marketing plan and help you get a clear view of your business.

Is this a coaching service or a done-for-you service?


This marketing sprint service is perfect for anyone who has a brand new business or a business that is finally ready for growth & scalability.  The Memorable Marketing Strategy Sprint covers the basics of a marketing plan such as (but not limited to) your mission, values, objectives, market positioning, client personas, market segment, and overview of the marketing funnel.

I'm brand new to the entrepreneurial game! What stage should my business be in for this?


You're at the beginning stages of growth and you are officially taking the stance 'I didn't come to play.' You'll know this service is for you if you need an expert to step in and give you a map on the best way to get your business in front of the right people.

How do I know if this is right for me?


Yes, these are your files that lay a foundation to your business! You will have a one year access to the Google Drive link that holds your files. I encourage all clients to make copies of their files and back them up through cloud storage or a usb drive for lifetime access to your files.

Are the files mine to keep?


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