The Website Fast Track is the quickest and most efficient way to get your website live without all of the DIY design work!

Are you a go-getter that doesn't waste time?

The Website Fast Track

Your Website. Your Day. Your Fast Track.

Enjoy making the creative decisions while letting someone handle the fine details of website building

Get a website that is custom to your growing needs, designed and launched in 24 hours

Stand apart from the competition with high-ranking SEO through a streamlined system that gets fast results

Produce more leads through an elevated website design that aligns your branding vision

But imagine if you could...

Feeling hopeless because time is not on your side - the days just keep going and you still have no website to show for your business

Major intimidation as you scroll through the endless amounts of website builders

while still juggling your day-to-day beauty business services

Feeling tired of trying to find the perfect website design and aligns with your branding and you ultimate vision

Your Day Of Design Timeline

content 01

I am bright-eyed & bushy-tailed ready to start working on the confirmed design from our strategy call
(call must be done within 24 hours of design)

Start Designing

9:00 AM

You will get a message from me with links to the current progress I am have made on the website design. You send over any edits and I get back to work

Your Approval Needed

2:00 PM

You will get a message with your finalized site & the details on your website launch and new domain settings.

Ready, Set, Launch

5:00 PM

Pop the champaigne & que your happy dance

You are sent over your final website details and the post-service training and goodies via Google Drive

Receive the Final Deets


Ready To Get Your Website Started?

Two Payment Plan



One payment



Consultation must be included before package purchase. Package must be paid-n-full before creative work is rendered.

Choose your payment option!

Scared of technology? No worries! Get my one-on-one knowledge and expertise through your custom training library that walks you through any updates you need.

Customized Technical Training Library

Ready to upgrade or expand? Get major discounts on your future website fast track projects with me! 

Major Discount on Maintenance Days

Need something fixed? A link not working the way you want? You get a full week of post-service support with me to take care of these things quickly!

7 days post-design support

Enjoy these post-service bonuses as you enjoy your new website

Bonus Goodies