October 26, 2020

Top Reasons You’re NOT Attracting Your Ideal Clients

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The Top Three Reasons Why You’re NOT Attracting Ideal Clients


Every good business plan has an ideal client or customer avatar, and when a business starts to bring in ideal clients more often than not, it can bring major growth and ignite your purpose.


Ideal clients are the best to work with, and truly understand your value, which means they are more loyal and pay your prices without complaint. When we have a specific client in mind, but end up taking whoever is willing to book with us, it can create draining energy and lead to burnout- but also, as beauty professionals, sometimes it can be hard to say no to a potential client or limit who we are targeting to.


That’s why it’s important to have an ideal client and also bring them in through marketing tactics. Today I’m walking you through the top three mistakes you’re making that is keeping your ideal client from booking with you.

Looking to uncover more reasons why your ideal client still isn’t booking with you? Here’s a video that walks you through this weeks blog post and gives more reasons why you’re not attracting your ideal client

1. You Don’t Know Who Your Ideal Client Is

Sure, we want our ideal client to be in a commutable distance from our business, and of course, we want them to have enough disposable income to afford our services, but if that’s the extent of your ‘ideal client’ expectations, then you are casting your net WAY too broad.

Ideal client avatars should go further than traditional demographics and reach into behavioral characteristics as well.

When you don’t truly know who your ideal client is from a behavioral standpoint, then it is almost impossible to know who you are actually talking to.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, alright this one is super obvious. I know who my ideal client is, but you’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs don’t know who they should be targeting and even more, who would benefit most from their services.

As a beauty professional, it can feel super scary to niche-down and specialize in one specific type of service for one specific type of person, especially if your books aren’t closed or completely full. You may feel like you are ruling out a big portion of potential clients, and that is a super uncomfortable experience and I’ve felt that before too. Just know that when it comes to marketing your business, if your speaking to everyone then your message becomes watered down and doesn’t speak to anyone.

2. You Need to Learn Their Needs by Talking with Your Ideal Client

five elements of a marketing plan

Another reason why you aren’t attracting your ideal client is that you haven’t done your market research on them. Basically, that’s just fancy marketing lingo for going out and talking with your ideal client.


By reaching out on Facebook groups or other social media networks you can find out simple things like where does your ideal client spends their time? What are their hobbies?

You can also find out more in-depth things such as what are your biggest struggles with X?

What have you done so far to solve that problem?

What would you need to be sure of before continuing with a specific service?


These are all things that you need to know as a service provider so that you can communicate that with your audience of potential clients. Your ideal client will probably have a very specific problem that you can help solve.

3. Your Branding Isn’t Attractive to your Ideal Client

The next reason why your business isn’t attracting your ideal client is that your branding and vibe is not compelling to them and just do not match.

When you see beauty professionals that charge super crazy high prices, and still have clients waiting in their DM’s to be put on a waitlist, it can be easy to be envious. The reality is though, that these people all started the same way we all did, and that’s through hustling to get the next client in the door. Most people can bridge the gap between hustling to get clients and have a waitlist through the process of extensive branding.

Branding is way more than a couple of pretty colors and a logo template off of Etsy, it’s about every aspect of your business representing your core values and beliefs. Branding, especially digital branding, is super important to define your unique perspective in the beauty industry and attract a specific type of client to your door.

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Looking to uncover more reasons why your ideal client still isn’t booking with you? Here’s a video that walks you through this week’s blog post and gives more reasons why you’re not attracting your ideal clients.

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