Become a notable brand and bust through the competitive noise in your market with the creation of visual assets that will take your beauty business from 'just another one' to 'one of the best'

The Brand Builder

The Signature Beauty Branding Package

Ready for soul-aligned branding that speaks volumes to your client

without ever needing to say a word?


one time payment

Quick 2-4 Week Turnaround Time

Color, Font, Logo, and Illustrative Element Creation

9 Custom On-Brand Social Media Templates

One Page Brand Strategy Cheat Sheet to help you make the best branding decisions

Over the next 4 weeks we are going to overhaul your branding in a way you couldn't have imagined. 

A Full-Service Digital Branding Experience that's Customized to your Vision.


Two payments of

The ability to scale your business becomes more attainable with assets that grow with your business & can be used in multiple different formats (think signs, business cards, videos, and more)

Shift from frantically trying to make your business stand out from the competition (while doing daily services) to an empowered entrepreneur who is confident in how your branding is perceived to ideal clients

Transition away from template searching on Canva - trying to make something work, to a streamlined visual strategy that assists with on-brand content. Every. Single. Time.

I totally get it  - here's what's in it for you.

Wondering What Changes When your Branding is Aligned with your
Business Goals?

If you are a motivated, get it done entrepreneur, but you don't even know where to start in the creative branding process, the Brand Builder is like the holy grail visual marketing service you've been looking for!

You want more ideal clients to be attracted to your brand

You've hit an income plateau that you just can't break without leveling up your beauty business

The idea of starting a logo from scratch overwhelms you, but the Canva logos are uninspiring and basic

You're tired of watching your competitors scale their business as you struggle to book new clients

Is this package for ME?

you might be wondering...

but what about...

Hold up, wait a minute!

As a previous solo esthetician myself, I know the grind of wanting all of the beautiful branding but also wanting to make sure I pay rent on my suite room. There is a delicate balance when it comes to scaling a business, and branding is one of the best starting places to transition from one woman show to established and trusted business. My motto has has and always will be, 'an empty chair will never make you rich, but good marketing can!' 

But what if I'm only a one person team?

Good branding is an investment, but bad branding can cost you even more money in the long-run. Without being able to attract your ideal clients, you won't be able to effectively reach for the stars (that really aren't as far away as you think.) Different pricing options are available to help with solo estheticians & small spas. Please contact us if you have any concerns with pricing!

Am I going to need a huge budget? I don't have that!

I totally get it - between taking clients, keeping up with the finances, and exploring new marketing, your me-time is dwindling. You need to prioritize - that's why this full-service branding package is the best option for you. With a quick 2-4 week turnaround, you tell me your vision & I take care of the rest. Your only job will be to (virtually) show up to a quick 15-minute consultation, fill out a brand questionnaire, and then attend a 30-minute strategy session where you get to play decision maker. The rest is completely handled by yours truly & I work around your schedule, not the other way around.

And what kind of time investment does this take? I don't have very much extra time.


one time payment

Enjoy a discount when you pay in full!


Two payments of

Experience Full-Service Digital Branding
that's Customized to your Vision.