December 1, 2020

Creating a Dangerously Effective Marketing Funnel for Spa and Salon Growth

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Creating a Dangerously Effective Marketing Funnel for Spa and Salon Growth

Today we are talking about how to create a super-effective marketing strategy for your spa or salon using the marketing funnel strategy.   

In this blog, we are breaking down the steps of a marketing funnel, why it’s so effective, and how to relate it to the beauty industry that creates this beautiful cocktail of powerhouse goodness that makes a bomb marketing strategy for all my beauty business entrepreneurs.

Step One – Awareness

There are two things that happen in the awareness phase, a person becomes aware of a problem that they have, and they become aware that there is someone out there that can help them solve it.

   They also start down a little social media rabbit hole and may even vent to their friends about whatever they are going through, which is where referrals come in if their friend is already going to you.

In the awareness phase you have to really build up your authority within the industry and within your niche. Because specialists are the money-makers because they are seen as the problem-solvers.    

Step Two – Interest

Most people consider interest at the top of the funnel, but the more a person lingers in the ‘interest’ step of the funnel, the more they just naturally move into the middle, because this person is no longer casually considering you or your services.

They are starting to narrow that dream vs reality situation in their mind. Now when they look at your social medias, they are specifically looking for information about you, your services, and your results.

This is when they dig into your website, google reviews, and any other online content you have that signals to them that you are a possible choice. They are looking for two things, clarity on your offer and a connection to you as a business.    

At the interest phase, your business should be the clearest on what you offer, how you offer it, so like membership, series, packages, or consultation-based, and you should also be clear on why your client should book with you.     

Step Three – Evaluation

The evaluation stage is where the customer is definitely more serious about getting their problem solved. At this point they’ve done their research and they have seriously put in some thought into it.

I would say this is when the drop off of the funnel is the most preventable but also the most predictable for a business because for a person to get to the evaluation phase and then not continue down into the bottom of the funnel, aka purchasing, that’s something you can either prevent or help change that person’s mind with the right marketing systems in place.

So in the evaluation stage someone is first considering ‘Am I really going to do this? And is it actually going to be worth it?’ Am I going to invest my money into this service, package or whatever and will it really benefit me.’

This is also the stage where you want to have marketing systems in place that can pick up anyone who has dropped off your funnel, so life retargeting Facebook ads, email captures, things like that so even if they aren’t ready to book right this second, they can come back to your page or website later on.     

Step Four – Committment

In the commitment phase, your customer is doing just that, literally committing to the service, they are actively booking with you to show up and get a service. Note that you are still marketing to them because you still have not gotten any money or purchase from them.

So again make this phase the easiest thing they’ve literally ever done. Have that online booking button ready. Make it easy. Don’t make them DM you, or have to call up there.         

Now, once they book, it’s time to turn them into a loyal client, not just a one-off service.

This process starts at the commitment phase, even before they get into your doors. It’s time to send them your onboarding information like a confirmation email, a welcome, packet and new client information forms.         

If you are someone that operates on a consultation basis before you continue with a service, this is really popular for hairstylists or estheticians that have more like series as opposed to stand-alone facials, include a section where the client can tell you more about what they are wanting.         

The on-boarding process is an easy way to help your clients feel appreciated and heard. It doesn’t have to be this comprehensive craziness, but getting the basics out of the way like confirming the appointment, filling out some forms, and welcoming into your clientele base is something that gives them ‘skin in the game’ so to speak so they have a reason to show up to your service. They will feel a connection to your business through this and will already feel like your special client before they get through the door.         

Step Five – Purchase

Ok so now we are in the very bottom of the funnel and that’s the purchase phase. And that’s where your skill and service comes in.         

The most marketing you really do in this phase is getting them back in the door and selling them on product.         

Note, you’re never not marketing to your clients, you’re never not wooing them with what your business has to offer, but once they get to the purchase phase, I believe that you can reel them into loyalty through your skill, your personality, and the other business structures you have in place.         

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